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Keyword [Digital Signature]
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1. Research On Securing Network Coding Against Pollution Attacks
2. Signature And Signcryption On Conic Curve
3. Theories And Technologies Of DoS Attack And Defense In Cloud Computing
4. Research On Secure E-Auction Protocol Based On Digital Signature
5. Research On The Acceleration Technology And Security Of The Digital Signature
6. Research On Software Survivability And Securely Distribution Technology
7. Research On The New Authentication Protocols
8. Research On Multi-User Oriented Certificateless Digital Signature Schemes
9. Research On Threshold And Proxy Digital Signature Schemes
10. The Design And Analysis Of Public Key Cryptosystems From Lattices
11. Research On Cloud Computing Key Management
12. Research Of Public Key Cryptography Based On Chebyshev Polynomials And The Related Work
13. Research On New Cryptographic Algorithms From Lattice Assumptions And Their Applications
14. Optimization And Analysis Of Rainbow And UOV Digital Signature Schemes
15. Research On The Related Problems Of Subspace Code And Distributed Storage System Based On Network Coding
16. Research On Hyperelliptic Curve Crytosystems
17. Study On Authentication Protocol For Personal Communication Security
18. Investigation On The Related Problems In Secure Authentication And Protocols For Communication Systems
19. Researches On Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptosystems
20. Study On EIGamal-type Digital Signature Schemes And Their Applications
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