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Dynamic Clustering Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol And Simulation

Posted on:2007-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360182970793Subject:Physical Electronics
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As one of the ten high technologies, wireless sensor network, which based on the digital circuit, wireless communications and Micro Electro Mechanism Systems, has become the hot point of research field. It also dominates the application markets of military, health and domestic usages etc.In this paper, it firstly introduces the main features of wireless sensor network. After comparing of the wireless sensor network with the traditional wireless network, it concludes the energy loss is the most important parameter which decides the validity in sensor network. Then, both the system architecture and the protocol in OSI layers were described. The following part particularizes, compares, and analysis several kinds of network protocols.A dynamic clustering Wireless Sensor Network Routing protocol is presented in this paper. This novel Routing protocol based on hierarchical network routing algorithm, it selects the Cluster Head random, and averages the high energy loss consuming in the communication with Sink Node to all nodes. In that way, every node can share the energy loss of the whole network. Combining of the data fusion technology, the whole energy loss is reduced, and the energy expensing procedure is in a relative stable status, and the network lifetime is extended obviously. The running of dynamic clustering Wireless Sensor Network includes three phase, start-up, steady-going and dynamic reset. In the first phase, according to the algorithm, the nodes in the same small region selects one of them to become the Cluster Head. After that, every Cluster Header declares this message to the whole sensor network. Other nodes analysis th'e receiving signal strength and knows which cluster it is in. Then it informs the dominating cluster header by providing its detail information. After that, the cluster header distributes the data slot by Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). In the steady-going phase, the nodes transmit the data packets to cluster header. After processing the packets, cluster header sends these packets to Sink Node. Some time later, the cluster architecture will be reset. Then the energy in the whole network can be more balanced.In this paper, a flexible communication mechanism is presented in this novel dynamic clustering wireless sensor network routing protocol. The message format and content are designed. This protocol and the traditional protocols are simulated by C++ programming. The simulating results shows that, comparing with the traditional ones, the dynamic clustering wireless sensor network routing protocol can reduce the energy loss and the performance of validity is better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless sensor network, Wireless routing protocol, Energy efficiency, Dynamic clusting
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