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The Design And Implementation Of High Speed And High Precision Data Acquisition System Based On ARM7

Posted on:2012-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338995481Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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In recent years, with computer technology, electronic technology and technology development, how to collect and process the data becomes more important. The speed and accuracy of data collection are the two main directions of the data acquisition system. MCU, ARM, DSP and other microprocessors are widely used provides an effective platform for data acquisition system. High speed and high precision signal acquisition as well as the research and design of collected data is the main task of this project.Based on the ARM7 LPC2388 this paper designs a data acquisition system. Using rich function interface and higher operating frequency of LPC2388 achieves signal acquisition and data processing functions. This article describes the research status and development trend of the data acquisition system, selects the main chips of the system. According to the modular idea, the system is divided several functional units and analyzes each functional module. Then the article analyzes the hardware of the system, proposes the problems which are need for attentions and provides a schematic diagram and PCB map of each module. Chapter 4 describes the software design of each module, C and assembly languages are compiled in ADS1.2 environment, parts of the code are given, the boot code of the system is minutely dissected. System realizes infrared remote control function, the high accuracy data acquisition is acquired by controlling AD9238 and CS5532, LCD drive controller LGDP4531 is to implement the function of TFT LCD display.nRF2401 and MAX3232 are used respectively to achieve wireless communications and serial communication and with real-time clock function. Finally, through verifying the system, experimental result shows that the system can meet the high precision data acquisition, transmission and display requirements basically and proposes the means which could improve system performance.This data acquisition system which is based on LPC2388 provides a good hardware platform for measurement and control system provides a variety of communication modes, collected data can be treated differently according to the need that is for the future of deep foundation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data Acquisition, LPC2388, TFT LCD, Wireless Communication
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