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The Research On High Pulse Repetition Rate All-solid-state Nd:YLF Laser

Posted on:2011-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338990430Subject:Optical Engineering
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Laser crystal is the core component of the laser, the spectrum and the physical properties of which determine the overall structure and the output characteristics of the laser system. Among a variety of laser crystals, Nd:YLF has won an important position because of its unique features.This thesis is about high pulse repetition rate all-solid-state Nd:YLF laser. Our purpose is to research the characteristics of Nd:YLF and the output characteristics of the rate all-solid-state Nd:YLF laser. This thesis is organized as follows:The characteristics of Nd: YLF crystal was researched and analyzed in theory, including its crystal structure, energy levels, emission spectrum, absorption spectrum, spectral parameters, thermally induced stress birefringence, thermal lens effect and so on.From the view of application, we completed the total design of the high pulse repetition rate all-solid-state 1053 nm Nd:YLF laser. Several overall schemes was proposed and compared. The parameter of the laser was calculated. And the output characteristics of the laser was simulated with PC.We achieved a all-solid-state 1053 nm Nd:YLF laser with high pulse repetition frequency of 50 kHz and narrow pulse width of 41.4 ns when its average power and peak power were 1.12 W and 541 W respectively, corresponding to the optical-optical efficiency of 32%. The pulse instability was about 3.8%. The beam quality factors and the angle drift were measured as M_X~2 = 1.247, M_Y~2= 1.285and 0.2 mrad respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nd:YLF, all-solid-state laser, acousto-optic Q-switch, high pulse repetition rate
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