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User Interface And Application Specification Processing For Embedded Real-time Database

Posted on:2005-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152969193Subject:Computer software and theory
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Along with the emergence of application with time correlative type, active rule type and dynamic incertitude type, the database application extends its tradition domain to the new domain and the database system which supports modern application must offer correctness, timeliness, consistency and active simultaneity.But in traditional database, it only deals with durable and stable data, which emphasizes the maintenance of data integrity and consistency, and its aim is high system throughput ratio and low cost with no consideration of time constraint about data and its treatment.So, traditional database management system can't meet this requirement with real-time application.Traditional real-time system supports task's time constraint, but it aims at data with simple construction and relation, stability and predictability, which is not able to maintain much share data and data integrity, consistency specially time consistency. Therefore, only real-time database which seamlessly integrates traditional database and real-time system's concept, technique, method and mechanism be able to support timing and consistency at the same time.In order to meet the new need of advanced active real-time database application, an active real-time embedded database management system ARTs-EDB is researched and developed.This system integrates principle, technology and mechanism of active database system, real-time database system and main memory database system perfectly.It also synthesizes functions and features of those three kinds of database systems.User interface subsystem and Application specification subsystem are important part of ARTs-EDB.In this system, user interface subsystem is in charge of receiving user command and displaying the result information, and application specification subsystem is an advanced language interface which is responsible for dealing with database application.In this paper, we introduce the principle of design about user interface and present detailed implementation strategy in order to meet the practical need of ARTs-EDB.When application specification subsystem pre-compiles the predefined transactions, it makes the static pre-analysis for the real-time transactions, which extracts transaction information, arranges time deadline of nested transactions and set the static priority for transaction, then writes them to the Transaction Table(TT) which will be used by system scheduler.At the same time, we also present entire design scheme and implementation strategy for application specification subsystem.
Keywords/Search Tags:real-time database, active database, main memory database, embedded, user interface, application specification, precompile, nested transaction, static pre-analysis
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