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A Study On Process Modeling Theory And Support Software System For Process Management

Posted on:2004-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G M ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360095455110Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Owing to more and more competitive market, the original management mode is unsuitable present developments need; process management (PM) becomes one of the important means that enterprise wins. In this case, the importance of the process modeling has been embodied out more and more. Process modeling is the foundation of process management. Combined with the project supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China (NO.70071029) - Research on the theory and application of Process Management and the project supported by science plan of zhejiang province (No.Ol 1106241) - Research on the implement of dynamic process management. In order to impelling the development and implementation application of process modeling theory and technology in our country, The Integrate systematic frame structure, the theories and the application of the process modeling face process management are discussed.In chapter one, at first analyze the background of the process management. Analyze process modeling technology and the importance and necessities of the modeling in process management. Study current situation of the analyses and observes both at home and abroad to process modeling. The last, put forward the research meaning, the purpose and main research content of the thesis.In chapter two, analyze the require of the process modeling system and the requisition on modeling method. Propose the appraisal method of process modeling method. Analyze and compare the method of suitably for process modeling such as EDEF class of modeling, DFD, RAD, EEPC and Petri net and propose the modeling method to improve based on 1DEF3, and the improve scheme has been analyzed and discussed.In Chapter three, analyze and research the system structure of the process modeling, such as the method of the collecting and organizing information, the methods of treating information, the institutional framework of the process model. Discuss the process view and deriving view and analyze the organically relation of the process view and the deriving view.In Chapter four, On the basis of analyzing in the front, analyze and design the figure elements of the modeling, the data models and the function models. And develop the process modeling system. At last carry on the case study by the system.In Chapter five, the achievements of the paper are summarized and the future research work is sketched out.
Keywords/Search Tags:process management, process modeling, model method, process view
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