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Research On The Developing Platform Of Workflow-Based Software Process

Posted on:2006-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360155472067Subject:Software engineering
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It is always a focus of Software Engineering's researches that we explore new software developing methods and techniques, to improve the productivity and quality. As a new field of software research, software Process management is an important way of increasing software Productivity and ensuring software quality, which is being given more and more attention to in the academic field and industrial field, and some software engineering development environments have been Provided to support it.This paper firstly introduces some basic concepts and main contents in the field of software Process, and discusses the software Process maturity assessment based on software Capability Maturity Model(CMM), followed by a software Process improvement approach based on CMM; Secondly, introduces the system architecture of the great subject and this subject, and emphatically introduces the design andimplement of the software management and development environment——researchon workflow-based software process development(SPDET) from three part which are the control and manage subsystem, the business treatment subsystem and the tool integrating subsystem. The software management and development environment which combines with the mature workflow technology provides the reliable assurance for the software process, at the same time, it provides the relatively perfect platform for the software control and manages; Finally, we summarize the research work of this paper, and make the expectation of our future work.The innovations of this paper are as follows: Firstly, at the request of the CMM2, we propose the level controlling and managing tactics, and give out the implementation method. Improve the visibility of the software development process through this tactics, and thus make the persons who control have more overall understanding to the state of the software development process, and offer better basis for their decision; secondly, the integrating of the software tools provide a better development environment to the software process, and can improve the quality of the software product and speed of development too. We adopt the technology of repository to support the integrating of the software process tools in this paper, and the repository can provide the unified environment to support the invoking and information sharing between the tools.
Keywords/Search Tags:CMM, Software Process, Software Process Model, Software Process Management, Process Modeling Language, CASE, Repository
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