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Research On The Knowledge Production Mode Of Interdisciplinary Research From The Perspective Of Bibliometrics

Posted on:2021-01-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1368330611951697Subject:Administrative Management
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As an important mode of scientific knowledge production,interdisciplinary research has become a critical way to promote the development of contemporary science and technology,economy and society,playing a significant role in facilitating scientific discovery,knowledge innovation and solving major social problems.How to fully understand interdisciplinary research,systematically explore the characteristics of interdisciplinary research,and through this understanding to achieve an objective impression of the characteristics of contemporary science,is an important prerequisite for understanding the laws of science development,effective planning and implementation of science and technology management as well.This paper aims to study the knowledge production mode of interdisciplinary research and its characteristics from the perspective of bibliometrics,which may provide a new research angle for related studies.In order to systematically explore the characteristics of interdisciplinary research on the knowledge production mode,this study first summarizes the elements and characteristics of scientific knowledge production system,and refines a bibliometric framework to analyze the mode quantitatively.It is found that the previous studies on the knowledge production mode mainly focus on the theoretical aspect,which summarize the new features of the scientific knowledge production in modern society through qualitative description.Some new production mode theories of science have been formed,represented by “Big Science”,“Mode 2”,“Postacademic Science”,and “Triple Helix”.However,researches about what is scientific knowledge production mode,how to evaluate and quantify it systematically,are still rare.From the perspective of scientific output,this paper,taking scientific literature as the research object,based on the theories of bibliometrics and knowledge production,decomposes the scientific knowledge production system into three-element systems: knowledge production subject,knowledge production carrier,and knowledge production object.It then establishes a bibliometric analytical framework of the characteristics of the knowledge production mode of interdisciplinary research from these three dimensions.Secondly,considering the typical interdisciplinarity of big data research,this paper takes big data research as a case study to make an empirical analysis of the framework.By employing co-occurrence analysis,citation analysis,and science mapping,it quantifies the main characteristics of knowledge production mode of the global and China's big data research,finding that big data research has a high level of co-authorship and interdisciplinarity,as well as distinct application orientation of research topics.Results show that,compared with the traditional “speculative” and “experimental” modes,the interdisciplinary research mode has presented some new features in the subject,carrier and object of knowledge production.These changes not only reflect the complexity of the development of science itself,but also reflect the new relationship between science and other sectors of the whole society,such as government and industry.Besides,compared with the global characteristics of big data research,there is still space to improve for cross-border collaboration,discipline structure and research content in China's big data research.According to the results,this paper also puts forward the following suggestions for the future development of interdisciplinary research in China.First,plan the overall layout of interdisciplinary research and define the development strategy of interdisciplinary research.Second,establish interdisciplinary research centers,encourage players from multiple sectors to participate in related research,and vigorously support cross-disciplinary and cross-border cooperation.Third,conform to the trend of science and technology globalization,actively integrate into the global innovation network and participate in international cooperation.Finally,highlight the key and difficult points of research,promoting the overall development of interdisciplinary research from point to area.This paper is innovative from the following aspects.Firstly,based on existing theories,it puts forward a bibliometric analytical framework of the knowledge production mode of interdisciplinary research,and analyzes the main characteristics from perspectives of knowledge production subject,object,and carrier.Secondly,taking big data research as an example,it makes an empirical analysis of the analysis framework,and presents the macro-dynamics of global and China's big data research from the three dimensions.Thirdly,it describes the big data research from perspectives of the collaboration network,discipline structure,and research topics,by using citation analysis,co-occurrence analysis,and science mapping software.Fourthly,the analytical angle and methods in this paper can provide a new direction for both research and practice on science planning and management.
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