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The Research On Four Dramas Of Yuyantang By Zhang Jian

Posted on:2013-05-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Four dramas of Yuyantang was written by Zhang Jian, included Meng Zhong Yuan, MeiHua Zan, Huai Sha Ji and Yu Shi Zhui. Zhang Jian was born in twenty years of Kangxi (1681),died in twenty-eight years of Qianlong (1763). He was brilliant when he was very young,frustrated for all his talent. He witnessed the transition process of Kunqu Opera, still clingingto the Kunqu Opera script writing. The Four dramas of Yantang was characteristic, had beenspreaded widely, played an important role in development history of Kunqu Opera.Zhang Jian did not have specifically theoretical writings of opera, his opera ideasreflected in four dramas more scattered, which had important implications on the dramascreation. Zhang Jian Regarded the drama as the small thing, rejected local opera, which was aconservative and backward form view, draw further apart with the Kunqu Opera characteristicof absorb anything and everything. Zhang Jian had the obvious “series standard”consciousness, which influenced the characteristic of stage performance art. In the influenceof ancient culture, Zhang Jian formed the thought of “QingLiHeYi”. He followed and adheredthe feudal ethics consciously, so the Four dramas of Yantang had characteristics of Confuciantasteful.The Four dramas of Yuyantang was created from Middle of Kangxi to early of QianlongDynasty. It spreaded widely along with Zhang Jian and had a certain influence in theKangQian. The four dramas were not only widely circulated by the text form, but also spreadon stage widely because of its outstanding stage art. Meng Zhong Yuan and Mei Hua Zanwere absorbed into the court drama. Meihuazan was still performed in Republic of China. Inthe process of spreading, the Four dramas of Yuyantang had been adapted by other operas.There were adaptations, such as Shizidiao Bangzi Mi Le Xiao、Peking Opera Shuang YuanMeng、Peking Opera Mei Hua Zan、Gai Zheng Mei Hua Zan and KunYi Drama Yu Shi Zhui.In the stalemate period of HuaYa, the Four dramas of Yuyantang made an importantcontribution to Kunqu Opera, and produced certain effect on traditional opera of Qianlongafter.The Four dramas of Yuyantang had features in the theme and artistic. Zhang Jian meltedrich of life experience feeling into drama creation, so the theme of Four dramas of Yuyantangwas single and narrow, focused on the pursuit of love and politics, lacked of social historical solicitude, ideological depth and breadth were not enough. The religious literature factor wasa characteristic of Four dramas of Yuyantang. The religious figures, Dutuo literary factors, aswell as the karma was the important embodiment of the religious writing. These religiouswritings had a common characteristic, tied up with Confucian enterprising intimately, payattention to realistic spirit and ethical values. In addition, the religious writing had animportant role in the script narration and artistic expression, promoting the development ofthe plot, as the important means to increase fantasy. Stage-oriented art was anothercharacteristic of Four dramas of Yuyantang. Zhang Jian undertook beneficial exploration onthe stage art of scholar legendary, overall, Four dramas of Yuyantang had compact structure,twists plot, vivid ostentation and outstanding stage effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhang Jian, Four dramas of Yuyantang, adaptation, Confucian tasteful, religious writing, Stage-oriented art
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