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Research On Key Technology For P2P Network Management Based On Agent

Posted on:2010-10-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360302478754Subject:Computer application technology
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With the rapid development of Internet/Intranet, P2P(Peer-to-Peer)overlay network has been focused on by academic and industry field. P2P network has better performance in self-organization,extendibility and fault tolerance than the C/S pattern. But the problem of P2P network management has blocked the P2P network to provide good services that has certain QoS guarantee for users. The traditional network management methods, such as SNMP and CMIP, adopt the model of centralization and Client/Server, the function of management mainly concentrates on superintendent, and the behavior between superintendents and agents is fixed relatively. These methods of the management have many drawbacks on many aspects including the reliability, expansibility and flexibility. However, the modern network management method not only needs nimble, convenient and effective style, but also needs the intelligent and distributional feature. Therefore, introducing the theory and technology of Agent into the network management can bring about new solution approach to the P2P network management. The intelligent agent has the characteristics of mobility and intelligence that can enhance the flexibility and the intelligence of the network management greatly. And it is very helpful to cross network management platform, perform the distributional network computation and solve some the problems including platform independency, single failure and so on. That can satisfy the request of the large-scale complex network management. The main purpose of the dissertation is to explore the following problems such as the P2P network management architecture, topology management, P2P traffic management, P2P trust management and the design and implementation about the P2P network trust management prototype. Our research strategy is from the agent perspective which is different from traditional network management measure. The main contribution of this dissertation is as follows.(1).Aimed at the drawbacks of the research on P2P network management system, this dissertation proposed two kind of management model of P2P network: Topic Community Oriented P2P Management Model (TCOP2PMM) and Service Oriented P2P Management Model (SOP2PMM).In addition, the key P2P network Management elements are presented.(2).Aimed at the drawbacks of the research on P2P network topology management, this dissertation proposed a self-organizing P2P network topology management model based on mobile agent, and gave the algorithm of topology discover of P2P network under the telecommunication network backgrounds so as to enhance the P2P network management performance.(3).Aimed at the drawbacks of the research on P2P traffic prediction, this dissertation proposed a novel multipath switch schema based on traffic forecast by using the way of WNN(wavelet neural network).In addition, a P2P multimedia traffic prediction algorithm based on mobile agent was proposed which can provide good QoS for users.(4).Aimed at the drawbacks of the research on the P2P network security, this dissertation proposed two solutions of P2P network trust management: an agile trust computing model based on Peer Group and a dynamic P2P trust constructing schema by integrating the subjective fuzzy decision and ATN.(5).In order to test the validity about the above trust algorithm and the method, this dissertation also introduced the developed the P2P network trust management prototype system based on the Agent theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:intelligent agent, network management, P2P network, topology, traffic prediction, trust management, prototype system
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