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Study On Digital Information Resource Integration Strategy And Service Sharing Model

Posted on:2010-07-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360272498560Subject:Information Science
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With the development and popularization of internet communion,more and more users share their information online.They supply extensively most abundance and convenient information resource of internet for users too.The third revolution of science and technology that information technology give priority to have been formatted and impeled.Since the 20th century metaphase,Humanity have greatly increment in gain an insight into nature of ability.Up to the end of 2008,there were 298million chinese netizens, representing a 41.9% growth in 2007,,and the popularization rate was 22.6,slightly higher than the global average (21.9%).fter the number of chinese netizens becoming larger than that of the US and then became the first of the world in june,2008,the popularity of internet in china realized its second leap,catching up and exceeding the global average .According to CCNIC,up to the end of Nov of 2007,there were 180 million netizens ,46.982million chinese bloggers which was 26.1% of the total netizens.The human-computer communication model that had been persisted for scores of years evoeled into human-human communication model.Individual authors become the headstream of internet information resources,which speed up the creation of internet information.Also in the Internet environment, the rapid dissemination of information makes it truly enter the era of information explosion.the explosive growth of information is the outstanding character of information age and is the important precondition of information age.Information become the strategic resources of social and economic development.The outburst of information force all kinds of institutions transfer their work focus from how to get information to how to filter and untilize information accurately.because of the ability to eliminate the information isolation and enhance the use efficiency of all kinds of information resources,information Integration become a widely discussed topic.At early stage of digital information resource,the wise information specialist devote their energy to exploit digitalr resource,and they have combined various information resource in digitalization.Therefor,those information specialist exploite many computation platform that retrieve these digital resource accurately,expediently and immediacy.The different organization by mean of the different technological digital information resource that have homology or heterogeneous in the content and form have digital information resource developed rapidly.Furthermore,retrieve platform arise in various modle.With information infinity expansion,wo suddenly find that it is inconveniently that we pick up our desirous information from abundant digital information resource.How to conduct and share effectively digital resource ,and we integrate different content and form of digital resource from static state resource to network resource by real time integraition or from singular digital resource management to group retrieve service or from singular to heterogeneous uniform database retrieve.To supply maxmal convenience is an important object for informational resource operator.In this paper we will use literature investigation method, comparative analysis method, expert advice method , Analytic Hierarchy Process and empirical analysis method and computer-related field study methods,to make a theoretical and empirical research.The author extensively collected the literatures of integration of digital information resources and related research field home and abroad, to track new developments in this field trying to fully grasp the situation and dynamics of the development of the system to study the digital information resources integration and services share strategy model.We make a comprehensive and deep comparative analysis on digital information resources integration system both home and abroad;show the gap of our country's digital information resource construction ,borrow ideas from more successfully digital resource integration model and integration system.Asking for suggestions from specialists and practitioners by telephone,e-mail and other ways.Based on AHP,construct an evaluation system model of digital information resources integration influential factors,aiming at resources integration influential factors,got the value of every influential factor,which provide certain theoretical basis for realizing integration with pertinence and plan.At last,we validate the application model by example.This dissertation is divided into7 chapters:Chapter I is introduction, puts forward the background and research value, the research content and method, summarizes the innovation points and demonstrates the research technique path.Chapter II is the literature review of digital resource integration and service shareing research. First of all, we expound corresponding concept including digital resource concept and attribute etc,then make an overview of the research status quo and practice development of both home and abroad,and compare some main digital information integration system analyze the existing problems and looks forward future development trends.Chapter III is the theory and technology foundation of digital resource integration and service share research. First of all,it expound corresponding concept including digital resource concept and attribute etc.The theory include interoperation and information resource organization theory etc.The technology include grid technology and OAI-PMH standard etc.Chapter IV is Evaluation of Digital Information Resource Integration Impacted Factors on AHP. Based on AHP, the evaluation model of digital information resource integration impacted factors is established preliminarily,and the weight value of impacted factors is analyzed aiming at the factors. It provides an academic basis for implementing integration calculatedly.Chapter V is digital information resource integration theory,this chapter propose digital information resource integration tactic that is based on grid technology and ontology technology and SOA respectively.and build a concept model of digital information resource integration,and expound related theoretical basis.Chapter VI is digital information services sharing model. In this chapter,the four aspects that the author discusses are access control, metadata service,task scheduling control and knowledge service, and the framework of digital information service sharing model was also outlined.Chapter VII is demonstration.after gaving an introduction instance that we can confront in daily life,construct an unite search platform of digital information resource based on multi-database search technology,demonstrate the use of the platform and its related function.lastly explains how the introduction instance can be settled in the platform.Chapter VIII is conclusion and outlook.this chapter summarizes this paper, sums up the innovation points of this paper,and makes a prospect of next research work.
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