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Hangzhou Ding 8000 Volume Loushu Things Xinkao

Posted on:2007-06-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360212984599Subject:Chinese classical literature
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Ding Bing's Baqianjuanlou played an important role in Chinese book-collection history. This dissertation tries to have a systematic study on the activities concerning books of Ding Bing, such as the book collecting, printing and writing. It is divided into three chapters.Chapter I centers on the book-collection history of Ding's Family and the friendship between Ding Bing and other contemporary book-collectors and scholars. Those topics disregarded before such as the scale of book-collection in Ding's early years, the activities of seeking and collecting books, the transference of the collection to Jiangnan Library, the relationship with Qu yong's tieqintongjianlou, Lu Xinyuan's Bisonglou, Sun Yangzeng's Shousongtang, Miao Quansun's Yifengtang and the scholars such as Wei Xizeng, Fu Yili and Wang fen, have all been examined systematically in this chapter.Chapter II studies the compilation and the features and values of the three books An Annotated Bibliography of Rare Books Collected by Dingbing, An Bibliography of Baqianjuanlou and Anecdotes of Book-collection in Wulin City, which were written by the members of Ding's Family. Making full use of the manuscripts in the study of An Annotated Bibliography of Rare Books Collected by Dingbing, this dissertation puts emphasis on the selecting criteria and compiling process of this book as well as the relation of its contents with other prefaces written by Ding Bing.Series compiled by Ding Bing such as Series of Books Concerning Wuli City and Series of Books Written by People of Wuli City are the subjects discussed in Chapter III. The problems such as the motives and the whole processes of compilation are all studied carefully. The question of the impact of Ding's teachers and companions on these series is examined from a totally new perspective, suggesting that during the compilation Ding was helped by many others, who also benefited from the publication.Several appendixes were also provided for further reference.Through outlining the whole book-concern history of Ding Bing, this dissertation attempts to provide an example of research not only on the history of book-collection and publication but also on the history of studies of Chinese classics, and to reflect the donations the book-collectors made to Chinese academic and cultural history.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ding bing, Baqianjuanlou, book collecting, book printing, An Annotated Bibliography of Rare Books Collected by Dingbing, An Bibliography of Baqianjuanlou, Series of Books Concerning Wuli City, Series of Books Written by People of Wuli City
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