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The Information System Of National Infrastructure For Crop Germplasm Resources Based On Resource Unified Identifier

Posted on:2016-08-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1108330461989456Subject:Crop Science
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The National Infrastructure for Crop Germplasm Resources(referred NICGR) is the basic supporting system for Chinese crop germplasm resources. NICGR has integrated both of crop germplasm resources and their information. It is a combination of genebanks, information systems, policies and professional teams, as an important part of the National Science and Technology Infrastructure."Information integration to germplasm integration, information sharing to germplasm sharing" is the principle of NICGR. It has established the descriptors and standards for crop germplasm resources, standardized and digitalized the crop germplasm resources, developed a series of databases and information systems, and carried out a lot of services, ultimately improving the efficiency of crop germplasm resources utilization. The information management and sharing has played a very important role. But there are still some problems to be resolved in the information management and sharing in NICGR. For example, there is no unified identifier solution for the resources, no well-designed top framework for the information systems, and no unified information system for the genebanks to manage the resources and support their services.Therefore, this research studied the other resource information systems and resource identifier solutions currently used in other fields, proposed a Resource Unified Identifier(RI) solution to strengthen resource management and sharing for the crop germplasm resources in NICGR, designed the framework of the information system, and finally developed the prototype system.1. Proposed the resource unified identifier solution. The Resource Unified Identifier, RI in short, includes identifier model, structure, coding, registration and resolution mechanisms, compatibility with the accession numbers, annotation and reference, etc.2, Developed the core metadata standard for the RI. It standardizes the definitions, data ranges and expressions of the core metadata elements, and the extension types and rules of the core metadata. A JSON-based expression of the core metadata was also presented.3, Designed the system top-framework of the information system for NICGR. The framework depicts the top structure of the network, application and function modules of the whole system. A series of technology solutions were given, which included the network solution, computing and storage solution and software platform solution. And as the most important parts of the system, the RI resolution system and resources management system was also designed in detail.4, Developed the system prototypes. A RI resolution system website was developed. And it’s online and open to use now. A resources management information system platform based on Excel Server was also developed. It has been implemented in NICGR.
Keywords/Search Tags:The National Infrastructure for Crop Germplasm Resources, Germplasm, Resource identifier, Information sharing
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