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Design And Implementation Of Tea Germplasm Resource Management System

Posted on:2016-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X K TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330473455952Subject:Software engineering
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China is the country which has the most abundant resources of tea germplasm resources in the world, germplasm resources is the core of the agricultural industry, therefore, the quality of germplasm resources directly determines the development of the tea industry. China has collected over 2,000 tea germplasm resources by now, to pick out and breed germplasm resources with high quality, we have chosen over half of these germplasm resources and conducted a series of analysis and tests on them in terms of botanical characteristics, chemical and biological nutrients, aroma, identification of resistance and so on, through this method, we have accumulated rich information on resources. However, since the ways in which people make data statistics are not standardized and the means of sharing are not diversified, the overall level of information management of tea germplasm resources is not yet high enough, to solve these problems, we need to establish a management system which corresponds to the industrial characteristics relying on computer technology so as to make the information management of tea germplasm resources standardized and modernized and realize the sharing of the information of tea germplasm resources.The system uses ASP. Net as the development platform, SQL Server 2005 as background database, uses the popular web Browser/Server model to complete the outside net issuance system and the background management system construction. WEB technology has obvious advantages because information can be delivered instantly through internet technology, thus achieving the sharing of tea germplasm resources information effectively and improving the utilization rate of fine varieties of tea, this is a method which other traditional methods can not match. The establishment of a database to manage tea germplasm resources information is characterized by standardization and standardization, this method not only avoids errors of manual management but also improves management efficiency.The system provides browsing and screening and online assessments of tea germplasm resources for people, it also has various other functions like the management of the combination of fine germplasm resources, realizing the goal of modern management and information sharing of tea germplasm resources, different users may easily find the information they need online, at the same time, we also set permissions for users, making the security of the system be effectively protected. The author hopes that the utilization rate of fine tea germplasm resources can be improved through this system, thus making contributions to the efficient and rapid development of china’s tea industry.
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