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Research On Distribution Path Optimization Of Electric Refrigerated Vehicle With Fuzzy Time Window

Posted on:2021-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330623967315Subject:Industrial engineering
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With the development of economic globalization and the promotion of ecommerce,people's demand for cold chain products such as fresh fruits and vegetables is increasing,and more attention is paid to the freshness and quality of products.Although the rising consumer demand has provided broad development prospects and huge challenges for the cold chain logistics industry,it has also caused many negative impacts on urban transportation and the environment.Facing the pressure of energy and environment,green logistics has gradually become a hot topic in the field of logistics research.The distribution path problem is an important method in the optimization of the logistics system.Through rational allocation of logistics resources,the logistics distribution cost and energy consumption can be effectively reduced.Therefore,the study of the cold chain logistics distribution path of pure electric refrigerator trucks is considered to reduce energy consumption.It has important practical significance and application value with sustainable development.Based on the characteristics of cold chain logistics and pure electric logistics vehicles,this paper studies the distribution path optimization problem of pure electric refrigerated vehicles with fuzzy time windows.Based on this problem,the mathematical model is constructed and the algorithm is designed.The specific work is as follows:(1)The cold chain logistics distribution is combined with the vehicle routing problem of pure electric logistics vehicles.On this basis,the general description and hypothesis of the cold chain logistics distribution problem considering the requirements of customers' fuzzy time window and the charging demand of pure electric logistics vehicles are given.(2)By fuzzy membership function to customer fuzzy time window treatment of vehicle arrival time for the customer satisfaction level,through to the individual demand of customers and distribution ratio of the total weighted averaging the overall customer satisfaction levels,to set up distribution of minimum cost and maximum customer satisfaction level dual objective function.(3)By using the idea of two-stage solution,the customer satisfaction level is transformed into a constraint condition,and then the double objective function is transformed into a single objective function.(4)According to the characteristics of the established model and the problem studied,the genetic algorithm that conforms to the model is designed,and the algorithm is programmed with Java.(5)The established model and the designed algorithm were applied to specific cases,and the relationship between customer satisfaction level and distribution cost as well as the charging demand of pure electric refrigerated vehicle were analyzed in detail,which verified the rationality of the model and the effectiveness of the algorithm.Research on the optimization of the distribution path of pure electric refrigerated trucks with fuzzy time windows.For logistics distribution companies,on the one hand,it can weigh the relationship between customer satisfaction level and the total distribution cost,and on the other hand,it provides a reasonable pure electric vehicle for the company.The idea of logistics vehicles participating in logistics distribution not only meets the requirements of sustainable development,but also meets the requirements of green logistics for energy conservation and consumption reduction.
Keywords/Search Tags:fuzzy time window, electric refrigerated vehicle, vehicle path optimization, cold chain logistics, genetic algorithm
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