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Experimental Design And Characteristic Research Of Prism-type Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor

Posted on:2021-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330605464881Subject:Master of Engineering
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Surface plasmon resonance(SPR)is a kind of strange optical phenomenon.Because it is extremely sensitive to the tiny change of refractive index of the external medium,it has the advantages of free label,high sensitivity and response.It has an important application potential in biomedicine,food safety,environmental pollution and other fields,and has been drawn much attention by researchers.Experimental sensing system based on prism-type surface plasmon resonance(SPR)sensors are carried out from two aspects of theoretical and experimental in this thesis.By means of TFCalc software,the prism-type Kretschmann coupling structure of SPR is proposed and designed,and SPR curves are simulated.The influences of its light source,line width,metal material,thickness,prism material and other parameters on the sensing characteristics are analyzed.The results show that a sharper resonance peak is obtained by controlling the parameters such as the low-frequency,monochromatic light source,silver film thickness,refractive index of prism,which will significantly improve the performance of the sensor.The refractometer measures its refractive index and simulates the measured parameters with the optimal structure of the sensor to obtain the linear relationship between the concentration and the resonance angle of the solution as a reference.A SPR experiment system is designed and built.To realize its automation function,a control module is written through Lab VIEW to drive the experiment system,and the metal film of the sensor module is prepared by means of magnetron sputtering method,and the system optical path is built strictly according to the excitation conditions.First,the system used to detect air and water.The experimental results show that the system can successfully stimulate the SPR phenomenon of gas or liquid.Then,the sodium chloride solutions of different concentrations are tested to obtain a linear relationship about the sodium chloride solution.The experimental results are in agreement with the simulation calculation results,indicating that the system can successfully measure the concentration of the solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kretschmann-prism, surface plasmon resonance, Angle modulation, Solution concentration detection
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