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Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Technology Analysis Of Gas Composition

Posted on:2009-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360245960074Subject:Physical Electronics
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The first Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR)sensor was developed in 1982 by Liedberg et al. In recent years, the technology of Surface Plasmon Resonance will be spread in each area along with more deeply research in physics, chemistry, biometrics, environmental monitor, food detection and clinic diagnosis etc and it will bring huge social benefits and economic benefits. Sensors based on technology of Surface Plasmon Resonance can be applied widely in many fields as a normal and sensitive sensor.Surface Plasmon Resonance is an optical phenomenon taking place on the interface of metal-dielectric medium. Because of sensitive response to the refractive indices of dielectric in contact with the metal surface, Surface Plasmon Resonance sensors are used for monitoring the variation of physical quantities corresponding to the change of refractive indices. It is a new sensor technology in recent years and it developed rapidly for several years. It can be used in many aspects widely even reach some fields which others can not be for its′advantages of real time monitor, no label, high selectivity, no interruption of background.This research particularly introduces the sensor principle, developing trend, application area and the present situation etc of the Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor technology. Perfecting the theory calculation of wavelength modulation and developed a set of small wavelength modulation Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor independently. It has the advantages of convenient and functional.Then a new method based on techniques of Surface Plasmon Resonance is introduced which can be used to determine indirectly refractive index of gas: Adjusting the instrument, we can obtain wavelength of Surface Plasmon Resonance to air. Then introducing gas in chamber, we can obtain changing information of index by observing the excursion of wavelength. We measured air of environment and vacuum approximately in experiment. The effect of experiment is ideal comparatively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface Plasmon Resonance, Resonant wavelength, Krechsmann structure prism, wavelength modulation, wavelength excursion
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