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Design And Implementation Of Home-School Collaboration Platform In The Cloud-Based

Posted on:2020-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330596992300Subject:Software engineering
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At present,most home school platforms are developed based on the traditional C/S mode.The high cost of physical equipment purchase and maintenance and the upgrade and maintenance cost of the platform are unacceptable.In today's mature environment of network technology and cloud computing,we can fully utilize the powerful computing power and infrastructure advantages of cloud services to build an efficient,flexible and convenient home-school collaboration platform.Utilizing the mode and characteristics of cloud services,schools do not need to purchase licenses for software,nor do they need to install,host,and manage software.All operations in this area are handled by the cloud platform that provides services,which enhances the school's intelligent office,reduces teacher pressure and improve communication between the school and parents.Based on the Spring-Boot framework technology,this paper integrates Mybatis and Redis to develop a home-school collaboration platform based on cloud environment.The front end of the platform and the user mobile client are implemented using HBuilder and Ajax technologies.Finally,the platform was tested for functionality,performance,and compatibility.The main research contents are as follows:1.Analysis of the needs of the home school platform.It mainly analyzes the functional requirements,non-functional requirements,and core business processes of the platform.The platform functional requirements analysis divides the entire platform into a teacher PC,a parent mobile client,and a cloud service provider.Non-functional requirements analysis identifies platform configuration requirements,performance requirements,and deployment environment requirements.The core business process analysis determines the core functions and business processes of the platform,including notification management functions,lesson management functions,online marking functions,attendance management functions,and classroom evaluation functions.2.Design and implement a home-school collaboration platform based on cloud environment.Use spring-boot+mybatis framework to integrate redis cache technology as the platform's integrated development environment,inject main dependencies,implement platform configuration automation,reduce code pressure and strengthen platform data interaction in data persistence layer,use java language to achieve platform Features.Use the hbuilder tool combined with ajax technology to design and implement front-end and mobile clients.Design and implement a multi-tenant model database,use MyBatis+MyCat to implement multi-tenancy,introduce tenant tags to isolate data between tenants and tenants,and use MybatisPlus to implement multi-tenant SQL resolution.3.Perform functional,performance,and compatibility tests on the home school platform.Firstly,the black box test technology is used to test the function of the platform.Then the loadrunner test tool is used to test the performance of the platform.Finally,the test client is used to test the compatibility of the mobile client.
Keywords/Search Tags:Spring-boot framework, Mybatis, SaaS, multi-tenant technology, cloud environment
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