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Research And Implementation Of Cloud Data Management Model In Mult-tenant Mode

Posted on:2020-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Software as a Service(SaaS)is an online software delivery model that allows thirdparty providers to provide software services for tenants to use on demand on the Internet rather than install and maintain in their locations.At present,more and more companies use this model to provide Web-based business applications.Multi-tenancy is the main feature of SaaS,which allows SaaS vendors to run a single instance application to support multiple tenants on the same hardware and software infrastructure.The application should be highly customizable to meet tenants' expectations and business needs.This paper studies a new customizable database design multi-tenant application,which introduces a flexible extended table(FET),which consists of public tenant table(CTT),virtual tenant table(VTT)and extended table(ET).This design enables tenants to create their own flexible database schema during the execution of multi-tenant applications to meet their business needs.Based on the multi-tenant flexible expansion table,this paper studies a multi-tenant database access service.The service combines multi-tenant relational tables with virtual relational tables,making them a database for each tenant.The service allows tenants to retrieve tenant data by simply calling functions from it,thus enabling them to concentrate on their business and create their own Web,mobile and desktop applications instead of spending money and effort on writing SQL queries and back-end data management codes.The feasibility and validity of the service are verified by the experimental data of some service functions.Then this paper studies a multi-tenant data management service based on flexible extended table.This data management service meets the different business needs of tenants by creating,managing,organizing and managing large amounts of structured data.In addition,it combines traditional relational data with virtual relational data in a single database schema and allows tenants to manage the data by calling functions from the service.The service proposes algorithms for its common functions and carries out some experiments to measure the feasibility and effectiveness of using these functions to manage multi-tenant data.The experimental results of tenant virtual and traditional relational data query execution time show that FET mode is a good candidate for multi-tenant data management in SaaS and large data applications.Secondly,this paper designs an architecture design to build an intermediate database layer between software application program and relational database management system,which is used to store and access multi-tenant data in flexible extended table multi-tenant database mode.This database layer combines multi-tenant relational tables and virtual relational tables to make them work together and act as a database for each tenant.The architecture design is suitable for multi-tenant database environment,which can run any business domain database using a combination of database schemas containing shared physical and virtual structured tenant tables.Finally,the application and implementation of Flexible Extension Tables(FET)technology on laboratory cloud platform are introduced,and the schema mapping of Flexible Extension Tables(FET)and Universal Tables is compared and evaluated.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-tenant Technology, SaaS, Multi-tenant Database, Relational Tables, Virtual Relational Tables
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