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Research And Implementation Of Information-Centric Internet Of Things Security Networking Mechanism

Posted on:2020-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N B HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578954772Subject:Communication and Information System
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Due to the versatility of the IP architecture structure and its mature infrastructure-the existing IoT applications are usually based on the IP architecture,and adopt a host-centric end-to-end communication mode,resulting in low resource utilization,poor security and mobility support within the network.In fact,the focus of IoT is the data.Recently,the information-centric IoT(ICN-IoT)is becoming increasingly popular for research scholars.Therefore,this paper is oriented to the future IoT and based on the scenario of information distribution and sharing on intelligent terminal,and attempts to utilize the inherent advantages of ICN in security,mobility,caching combine Information-Centric Networking(ICN)and IoT,and carries out the research and implementation of key technologies in the security networking of ICN-IoT.Firstly,this paper proposes the design goal of NDN-based IOT(NDN-IoT)security networking.Then,the corresponding networking solution based on WiFi Direct is designed,in which the NDN wireless forwarding platform is used to construct the ICN-IoT to implement the transmission of NDN's packets,while the NDN publish and subscribe application and short message communication application are used to verify the availability of it.Secondly,this paper designs the security mechanism of NDN-IoT,in which the distributed security access mechanism based on Shamir secret-sharing transfers the security authentication to any trusted node to realize distributed access without centralization,which ensures security and improves access efficiency.In addition,the distributed key management mechanism based on Shamir secret-sharing solves the key's management problems caused by producer offline and the Interest flooding attack(IFA)defense mechanism based on signed Interest solves the inherent IFA problem in NDN.Finally,this paper conducts a communication test of NDN-IoT on Android,which shows NDN5s packets can be transmitted and received in the wireless environment,which provides feasibility for constructing the ICN-IoT.Meanwhile,the security mechanism is simulated in ndnSIM and the result shows the signed Interest can effectively defend against IFAs,and distributed security access and key management using Shamir secret-sharing also have better performance,which guarantee the security of the ICN-IoT.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information-Centric Networking, Internet of Things, Distributed Security, Shamir secret-sharing
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