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Design Of Photoresponse Detection System Based On Micro Cantilever Array Sensor

Posted on:2020-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330572496800Subject:Electrical engineering
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Microcantilever beam is one of the simplest components of MEMS.At present,microcantilever sensor technology has become a new type of sensing technology with convenient detection,high sensitivity and no labeling.It integrates micro electromechanical system(MEMS),mechanics,electricity,optics and mechanics,and has been applied in bioengineering,environmental monitoring,micro force measurement and information engineering.This paper is based on micromechanical technology,which explores the platform of microcantilever sensing system at home and abroad and the optical readout detection method of microcantilever sensing,compares various data readout methods,and finally determines the use of optical lever detection method for real-time monitoring of the induction of microcantilever array.In this paper,the scanning detection of array microcantilever beam is realized by means of cyclic mode,and the static working mode of microcantilever beam is studied.The optical detection system is fixed on the octahedron turntable by eight planar mirrors,and the rotation of the planar mirror is driven by the rotation of the motor.The laser beam emitted by the laser irradiates the planar mirror and reflects to the tip of the microcantilever beam through the planar mirror.Driving the rotation of the turntable,eight planar mirrors are placed in the laser beam path one by one along with the rotation of the turntable,and eight reflecting beams at different positions are formed one by one on the eight planar mirrors,which correspondingly irradiate the free ends of eight microcantilever beams in the microcantilever array to realize the circular scanning of the microcantilever array.Then,the electric signal is transformed into displacement signal by the displacement change of laser beam spot on the photoelectric position sensitive detector,and the signal acquisition and processing is programmed by virtual instrument to completed the online test of microcantilever array.Firstly,the development status of microcantilever sensing technology at home and abroad is described.The development history of microcantilever is introduced.The working principle and data reading mode of microcantilever are emphatically described.Three kinds of microcantilever array sensors are compared.Because multi-laser detection increases equipment cost and surface light source detection needs to increase the size of microcantilever beam,this paper guarantees the stability of light source output signal.The scanning detection of microcantilever beam is realized by changing the angle of plane mirror to avoid errors caused by laser movement and reduce the cost,so single laser is chosen.As the implementation of this paper,point detection method is used for real-time monitoring of microcantilever arrays.The advantages and disadvantages of the two working modes of microcantilever beam are analyzed,and the static working mode of microcantilever beam is discussed.After that,on the basis of the single microcantilever beam detection system which has been implemented in the laboratory,the experimental scheme of the circular scanning microcantilever beam array sensing detection system is studied,and the optical system of the microcantilever beam illuminated by the reflector of the plane mirror is designed,the overall system layout is optimized,and the parameters of the motor,clamping device and rotating platform in the system are adjusted.In this paper,LabVIEW graphical programming software is used to complete the data acquisition and data processing part of the microcantilever array sensor detection system.The program is debugged by using the functions of setting breakpoints,displaying data and the results of the program and single-step execution in LabVIEW.After the whole detection system is built,the microcantilever beam is modified with azobenzene polymer by the micro-needle modification device,and the stability of the system is tested by cyclic scanning of the microcantilever sensor system.Then the deformation of the microcantilever beam under temperature change is measured by using heated ceramic sheets.Finally,the bending of the microcantilever beam under ultraviolet irradiation is measured by the reference beam and the modified beam.Experiments show that the microcantilever array sensor detection system based on cyclic scanning mode designed in this paper can achieve high sensitivity detection.Figure [65] table [1] reference [65]...
Keywords/Search Tags:microcantilever array sensor, octahedral rotation, data acquisition, LabVIEW, modification
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