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Design Of Microcantilever Array Sensor Technology System

Posted on:2017-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330485989165Subject:Electrical engineering
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Microcantilever sensor technology is a new type sensing method. Its research relates to themechanical, electrical and mechanical and other cross-disciplinary subject. Due to the advantages of easy, high sensitivity, label-free, it widely used in the chemical, biochemical, and material research fields. There was an increasing research into developing microcantilever sensor. On the basis of single microcantilever detection system, the detection range and detection content of microcantilever is more and more extensive. The sensing technology is developing towards the direction of high throughput, parallel array measurement and so on, it need to solve the key problem of scanning and readout the response signal of at least two microcantilever in the microcantilever array sensing technology.Based on the in-depth and systematic research of the optical readout detection method of the microcantilever array sensor at home and abroad, we have determined the content of the research. The microcantilever array detection system based on translational scanning mode is put forward by focused on the optical readout technique feasible scheme. Electric displacement platform is used to drive the reciprocating translation of plane mirror. So that the laser beam that emitted by the laser can be reciprocating translation. And then the laser beam is used to scan the microcantilever array. The bending deflection signal of the microcantilever is received by the photoelectric position sensitive detector. Finally it can used to monitoring the real-time response information of each cantilever beam.We summarize the development history of microcantilever sensing technology. The research progress and development direction of the optical readout based microcantilever array sensing technology are also described emphatically. The source of the idea of the project is introduced. And then on the basis of the existing work, the translational scanning microcantilever array sensor based on experimental research methods is detailed discussed. And then its working principle is expounded. The structure design and parameter optimization of the system are introduced.According to the signal acquisition and processing system of microcantilever array sensor based on translational scanning, This paper adopts virtual instrument technology. We used the methed of the call library function node to directly call the DLL module in common USB data acquisition card in the Lab VIEW graphical programming software environment, so as to achieve data acquisition and processing. Each function module of data acquisition technology in data acquisition system is also introduced in this paper.At last, after finished the stability test of the system on the back and forth parallel light path and system array signal conformance test of the system on different wind velocity, the accurate detection of high molecular standard samples with strong UV light response was carried out. The operational feasibility of the developed microcantilever array sensor based on parallel scanning is verifed in actual detection.
Keywords/Search Tags:sensor, microcantilever, optical lever, virtual instruments translational, parallel moving, microcantilever array
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