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Design And Implementation Of Microcantilever Array Sensing System

Posted on:2019-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y NiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330545989023Subject:Electrical engineering
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The micro-cantilever sensor is developed in the Atomic Force microscope(AFM),and the presence of atomic force microscopy has resulted in the micro-cantilever as a sensor capable of detecting many biological,chemical and physical phenomena.The utility model is widely used because of its high sensitivity,fast response speed and non-marking.Using micro-cantilever sensor platform to detect the sensing is a new hotspot in the research of micro-nano sensing technology.At present,the sensor field is developing toward large scale,high throughout and real time measurement,therefore,it is necessary to complete the measurement of multiple samples of the platform to achieve detection purposes.Based on the micro-cantilever sensor technology,thesis probes into the micro-cantilever sensing system platform and the optical readout detection method of micro-beam sensing,and puts forward the research plan and the related inquiry work.After determining the optical readout mode and in order to realize the target of laser beam airborne transformation,we put forward the sensing detection system,which uses the rotational scanning method to scanning the cantilever array.The rotation of the plane mirror at different positions of the rotating table,the laser beam is then vertically reflected to the tip of the micro-cantilever array through the hole which bellows in the mirror,and the displacement of the nano-level is amplified by using the optical lever principle,and then the displacement signal is detected by the photoelectric position sensitive detector.The system is simple and easy to control by the rotation of rotary table,and the information generated on each micro-beam is monitored in real time.Thesis first introduces the microcantilever sensor and its development process as a detection method.The current status and trends of existing optical array readout micro-cantilever sensor systems are described in detail.The source of the design idea of the research project based on rotating scanning array micro-cantilever sensor system is summarized.On the basis of the above work,we further explored an experimental investigation scheme for array micro-cantilever sensing system based on rotational scanning.The working principle of the scheme and the optimization of the structuredesign scheme and related research are described.In thesis,the data acquisition and data processing of microcantilever array sensing system based on rotational scanning is realized by Labview software platform.The data collection and processing are realized by Labview graphical programming software,and the functions of each module in the data acquisition system are introduced in thesis.Upon on the above links,thesis carries on the stability test of the micro-beam sensor system,then the consistency of the array signals at different temperatures is validated,and after these experiments,a optical response experiment is carried out,The feasibility of the design and its operability in practice of the micro-beam array sensing system based on rotary scanning are validated.
Keywords/Search Tags:microcantilever array, optical lever technology, microcantilever sensing, rotary scanning, Labview
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