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The Microbenchmark Design And Performance Analysis Of Main Memory Database

Posted on:2019-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330566997191Subject:Integrated circuit engineering
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With the development of the Internet,more and more businesses are processing online.This is a new challenges to the processing performance of the database.Due to the development of the semiconductor industry,the memory capacity is increasing and the unit memory price is getting cheaper.It lead to the rapid development of main memory database which overcomes the high I/O latency,There are many differences between the main memory database and the traditional disk database.Thus,it is not scientific to follow the design of the disk database,when we design the main memory database.Therefore,this paper analyzes the performance of the main memory database,and put forwards some advice about the designing of main memory database.First,we design a series of micro-test programs in accordance with the characteristics of online transaction processing(OLTP).It is started from the basic operation of the database to study the performance characteristics of the main memory database.Second the micro-test program is installed to the volt DB,Third,we apply the performance detection tool named VTune to monitor the hotspot the workload run;finally the performance bottleneck of the main memory database is analyzed with the data obtained before.Hence,the main conclusions can be summarized as follows: the storage engine in the main memory database is no longer a performance bottleneck;Its distribution and extension are the key point of design;The performance bottleneck of the execution engine is mainly in the query optimization of the index;As for the concurrency control,its algorithm is the primary performance bottleneck as the proportion of heavyweight transactions expanding,the bottleneck effect of concurrency control is decreasing,and the execution engine will be the main field to optimize.
Keywords/Search Tags:Main Memory Database, Microbenchmark, VTune, Performance Analysis
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