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Design And Implementation Of Main Memory Database

Posted on:2007-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P S YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215497644Subject:Computer application technology
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Disk resident database management system(DRDBMS) satisfies the fields of business and management primely. With the development of mobile techniques and people's increasing demands, mobile industry demands various data services, especially 3G is coming, telecom has become a data-intensive field, which demands high performance database for timely data accessing. Disk based database management system can't meet time restrict, with the development of software and hardware, design and implement a main memory database management system(MMDB), in which "core data" residents for rapid data accessing is becoming feasible.This paper discussing the relate theories of MMDB first, including the defination of MMDB,the differences with DRDB, data structure, index techniques, transaction processing, query optimization, database recovery et al.Second, based on the Object-Oriented ideology and the Relational Module, an embeded main memory database management system which running on VxWorks is designed and implemented. Design method is introduced at the begining, table's design, indices techniques, including Hash index, B-tree index, T-tree index, and queue which used to manage system resources are the keystone of this section. The following is data synchronization between master and slave which used to protect master, synchronization protocol, synchronization flow and status switching et al are introduced. The mapping between QoS and DSCP of database module is introduced at last.This main memory database management system is used in telecomm network of ZTE co., satisfies the requirements of "Real-time, Stabilization and Flexibility".
Keywords/Search Tags:Object-Oriented, Main Memory Database, Table, Index, Data Synchronization, QoS
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