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Design And Implementation Of Main Memory Database Based On General-purpose Data Communication Platform

Posted on:2013-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395456356Subject:Software engineering
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In order to accelerate the application development on a general-purpose datacommunication platform, it is quite important to set up a main memory database system.Main memory database system is a key component of a general-purpose datacommunication platform; it can provide functions such as data support for otherapplications on the platform, and can also improve the overall operating performance ofthe platform. In terms of configuration management and ISSU, on sale main memorydatabase systems cannot meet the need of the current platform.Combined with the general characteristics of the current main memory databasesystems, this paper takes Comware platform for example, through a detailed analysis ofthe actual needs of the users, using the hash table algorithm and Linux inter-processcommunication technology, designs and develops an main memory database system. Atfirst, this paper analyzes and designs the system architecture and functions. Then, thedetailed designs and implementations of the data type management module, data backupmodule and the data persist module are given. Four key data types, which caneffectively manage the data of the platform and can also ensure the ease of use of themain memory database system for other applications on the platform, are used in thedata type management module.Currently, this system has been achieved and has already passed the test, and thefunctions have achieved the expected effect. It has been proved in practice that theimplementation of this system has effectively improved the initiating speed of theplatform and promoted the standardization of the data management and theconfiguration recovery management on the platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Main Memory Database, Comware, Linux, In Service Software Upgrade
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