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Design And Implementation Of A Main Memory Database System Model

Posted on:2009-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C T RongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245962884Subject:Computer system architecture
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This paper is written under the background of reconstruction of electric energy metering, billing and transmission system, in order to solve the existed the problem of low efficiency in real-time, to meet the actual needs of the system, in which we use our own designed and implemented main memory database system. This article focuses on main memory database server's Design and Implementation, in order to facilitate the use of the user, we provide a client software development kits and rapid configuration tools, and these three parts were set out in detail in this paper.This paper firstly gives an overall introduction for main memory database, then starts from the practical needs, analyzed the current challenges that facing the electricity system, finally gives the improved solution. In the process of the design and implementation, we absorbed the current main memory database system's advantages in its design and realization. In this MMDB we use our own table-page memory organization strategy and the improved T-Tree index structure which can be configured according to the scale of data to improve the efficiency of accessing. This MMDB is implemented in C/S mode, the server is multi-threaded, and all the requirements from the client are sent to the server in the way of SQL. The server provides the service after it analyzed the SQL. In order to make the server always running from the impact of external signals, it create the server process as the daemon, in the paper it give the process of creating daemon. In order to assure the normal communication between client and server we defined communication protocols. In this system, we define every requirement that from the client as a transaction, transactions can be implemented currently; the ACID characteristics were assured by the mechanism of locking. In fault recovery aspect we also put forward our own solutions. Then give the design details of client software development kits and rapid configuration tools, and how to use them. Finally, we compared the achieved MMDB disk database Sybase, Oracle under the same conditions and present the results.
Keywords/Search Tags:main memory database, T-Tree index, fault recovery
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