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Study On The Credibility Of The Online Healthy Information

Posted on:2019-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330542994491Subject:Information Science
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In recent years,with the improvement of the standard of living and the speeding pace of life,the problem of “ageing of population” has increased the health needs of the middle-aged and the elderly,and the “Youthof the disease” has made young people more and more concerned about the health information.Because of its advantages of convenience and quick access,the Internet has gradually become the main way for people to get health information from the Internet.Online health community,health websites and health APPs are the main platforms for the dissemination and use of online health information.They are also the main source of public access to health information.The quality of the information content directly affects the user's information use experience and their own physical health.With the continuous expansion of the number and scope of online health information,while the health information resources on the Internet are enriched,its quality is uneven due to lack of clear norms and constraints,which affects the positive development of online health information and reduces the public's trust in online health information.How to improve the quality of online health information and promote the healthy development of Internet health information resources has become a hot topic of concern nowadays.It's one of the important means to improve the quality of online health information by making a standard evaluation system to evaluate the quality of online health information.Also,it's necessary to improve the quality of online health information and its technical service through evaluation.However,online health information is one of the types of online information,but because of its impact on the physical and mental health of the users,there is a certain difference from the evaluation framework of other types of online information.At present,there are abundant research achievements on the credibility of online health information,but most of these are the research on the connotation of credibility,the influencing factors and the quality evaluation,but lack of research about the framework of credibility assessment and the empirical study.Through the analysis of the research results,this paper summarizes the factors affecting the credibility of online health information,and establishes an online health information credibility index system.By using the analytic hierarchy process(AHP),the index weight of the index system is assigned by the expert scoring method and the user scoring method,and the evaluation framework of the online health information can be obtained.By selecting the representative online health information,the questionnaire was issued to the information users,and the evaluation framework was verified by an example.Finally,the practicability of the evaluation framework was verified.In order to enrich the research results of online health information quality assessment,we will contribute to the positive development of online health information.
Keywords/Search Tags:Online Health Information, Influence factors of credibility, credibility evaluation, analytical hierarchy process
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