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The Study On Interactive Design Of Guanyiyun C-ERP Project At Kingdee

Posted on:2018-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330542956556Subject:Industrial design engineering
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With the two decades development of e-commerce,shopping online has been an important part on ours daily life.In the case of developed pattern of complex e-commerce,some companies starting to explore some new field of e-commerce,such as cross-broader e-commerce and rural e-commerce,which is going to be an element promoting the development of online shopping market.In the tide of "Shuang Chuang" during recent two years,more and more small enterprises become parts of diverse market that encouraged by government's policies.In order to have competitive,despite of focusing on the own business,small enterprises also need information management to increase efficiency.Around the huge market in China,enterprise IT service are brewing and budding;big and small enterprises have interest on it.In benefit of developing cloud computing,traditional software companies seize the opportunity to make business transformation,which provide cloud products and services.ERP product based on the SaaS pattern have the advantages of low implementation cost and meet the need of small enterprises' information management,so this product become popular among small enterprises.In this dissertation,the revision of Guangyiyun C-ERP product,which aims to offer e-commerce information management,is the project I took part in the internship in D-UX of Kingdee company.And I spent most of time on user research and interactive design.This dissertation focuses on the process of research and development.In the process of design,I analyze characterizes of e-commerce,clarify the user's demands and business process.And I also make competitive analysis and usability testing on the original version of Guangyiyun C-ERP product.In the process of design,based on usage scenarios,I analyze the real need of user in different situations,than make the design proposal.The project aims to improve Guangyiyun C-ERP product's efficiency and easy-using,reinforce its emotion,than the customers will increase working efficiency and have better using experience.These will bring more competitive to C-ERP product in the market of enterprise IT service.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, ERP based on electronic commer, Interaction design, User experience design
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