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The Design And Implementation Of Management System Based On Information-centric Internet Of Things

Posted on:2018-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330518494406Subject:Computer technology
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Advance and integrate wireless communications, large-scale integrated circuits and embedded technology, prompt the rapid development of Internet of things and widely used. In most Internet of things applications, compared to the physical terminal itself, the user is more concerned about the network data content. Therefore, the Internet of things is considered to be a typical information-centric network, the study of information-centric Internet of things has become the international hot topic. Compared with the network based on IP/ID for end-to-end communication, the information-centric network has a fundamental change in the architecture, which is difficult to be managed by the traditional network management method. To this end, we study the network management methods of information-centric Internet of things,design and implement of a set of network management prototype system.In this thesis, firstly, referring to the MANNA network management system, the information-centric network management is divided into five parts: network topology management, network cache management, user log management, node configuration management and network fault management, and the system design and implement the above management functions. In particular, in the cache management part of the network, we build a network cache evolution model, which combines the model analysis and cache measurement to manage the cached content in the information-centric network. In the node configuration management part, based on the user log analysis, we build network exogenous request arrival model, choose the optimal buffer to replace the tactics to carry on the node disposition. At last, the function test of the prototype system is carried out. The results show that the five management functions of the system are realized, and the network management system can effectively manage information-centric Internet of things.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things, management system, Information Centric network, Cache evolution model
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