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Research On Safety Monitoring Technology For Drilling Rig Based On Internet Of Things

Posted on:2017-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330482994543Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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With the development of digital oilfield,Internet of things has been the key technology of information and development of oilfield exploration and development.Drilling rig as the main equipment in oilfield exploration,real-time monitoring running status and judgment is the important means to ensure the safe operation of the rig and development efficiency of oilfield exploration.The characteristics of internet of things,comprehensive perception,reliable transmission,and intelligent application,play an important role in the safety monitoring and control of oil drilling rig.Researching on drilling rig safety monitoring technology based on Internet of things is significance.This paper through analyzing equipment composition,production process and characteristics,and common faults of the drilling rig with the architecture and related technology and equipment of internet to determine the monitoring requirements of drilling rig equipment operation status,and enacteda seriesof schemes for drilling rig safety monitoring and control system.Drilling rig safety monitoring system based on Internet of three-tier architecture is comprisedof safety status information acquisition subsystem,transmission subsystem and the monitoring center,and set up a monitoring system hardware platform by the sensor,the safety status information collection RTU,industrial Ethernet switches,industrial PC,server and othermajorequipment.And then further study the function and composition of safety monitoring system software,which designed by King-SCADA,SQL Server 2005 and video monitoring software.Drilling rig safety state information fusion model is established,and the D-S evidence theory of information fusion algorithm to determine equipment safety status,and further analyze the model and algorithm,the results show that the proposed model and algorithm is suitable for the drilling rig safety condition monitoring.The conclusion shows that the effect of drilling rig safety monitoring system based on Internet of things is good,and it fulfilthe demand about real-time,reliability and accuracy of the drilling rig production monitoring,and achieved drilling rig safety condition monitoring early warning accuratelyand reliably to improve the level of drilling rig automation and production safety.It is worth popularization in the field of industrial control.
Keywords/Search Tags:Drilling Rig, Safety monitoring, Internet of Things(IOT), Information fusion
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