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On The Function Of Social Control In Contemporary Chinese Female Safety Problem

Posted on:2018-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Social control is the vital concept in sociology field,whose significance and function are maintaining social stability,and guaranteeing the normal operation as well as development of society.However,with respect to the female safety problem attracting much attention and controversy,the role of social control is questioned by feminists and they point out that,regardless of legal policy,social traditional idea or social public opinion,contemporary Chinese social control usually only focus on female victims;that is to say,instead of maintaining female legal interest in terms of female safety problem,it even caused "secondary damage" to some extent,which aggravated the degree of oppression on female existing as male "others" with sending female mind and body into a more dangerous situation.Therefore,the author proposes that,in contemporary China,does social control play role in female safety problem and what is its function?What are the stance and reason that feminists question the function of social control?Started with feminist perspective,and utilizing literature research as well as depth interview,this paper attempts to analyze the defects of social control function in contemporary Chinese female safety problem,and its intrinsic causes.This paper explores following the three steps:firstly,by randomly selecting the 216 news related to female safety problem collected in Xinhuanet as research objects,and using content analysis,it describes the status of three major issues in Chinese female problem—women trafficking,rape and sexual harassment,and then concludes its characteristics.Secondly,based on the viewpoint of feminist theory,combining with the status of three major female problems in China,this paper discusses about the defects and shortcomings of social control function in Chinese female problem from two aspects;including the legal system as obligatory social control and social traditional idea,public media as well as social public opinion direction as non-obligatory social control.At last,through analyzing theses defects and shortcomings,and from the perspectives of social structure and social culture,it illustrates that,the unbalanced bisexual social structure is the fundamental cause of failure of social control function in Chinese female problem.The inequality of bisexual social structure determines the failure of social control function in Chinese female problem;but the failure of social control function in Chinese female problem in turn reinforces the inequality of bisexual social structure with triggering,the vicious circle between social structure and social control.
Keywords/Search Tags:social control, social structure, feminine safety, feminism
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