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Research And Implementation Of Patent Retrieval And Analysis System Based On Main Memory Database

Posted on:2017-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330503464116Subject:Computer technology
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The rapid development of computer technology and network technology has changed people’s way of life and work to a great extent. As the core competitiveness of an enterprise, the patent right plays an important role in ensuring the enterprise’s advantages of the industry. In the increasingly fierce market competition, how to obtain more useful information from a huge amount of patent literature quickly and accurately has an important influence on the development of enterprises, and in this case the patent retrieval analysis system arises.The patent retrieval and analysis system brings great convenience to the enterprise, but also brings some problems: on the one hand, the traditional patent retrieval analysis system commonly uses disk database system, and with the rapid growth of the global patent documents, it has been difficult to meet the demands of the people; on the other hand, because the industry division of labor is more and more refined today, companies are eager to able to conduct customized analysis on the retrieved patent information, but the traditional patent retrieval analysis system pays more attention to patent retrieval rather than data analysis. Therefore, it is of great significance to the research of patent retrieval analysis system that can quickly retrieve the patent information and analyze the retrieval data effectively. The main research contents of this paper include:1) On the basis of deep understanding of the development status of patent search and analysis system, the article elaborates the necessity of using main memory database in the patent analysis module, and finally we select the Redis database to analyze the retrieved patent information through the full study of the main memory database technology.2) Considering the large amount of patent data retrieved, the paper designs an ordered index query algorithm based on multi thread to improve the analysis efficiency of patent data stored in Redis database. Firstly, the algorithm preprocesses the patent data by using the data structure of set and sorted set, and conducts further classification processing of data stored in the memory database, and then analyzes the patent data information retrieved by the multi thread ordered index algorithm. It aims at designing a real-time performance, fast analysis speed and more in line with the needs of the user’s system. Through the experimental analysis, the algorithm bases on the multi thread ordered index not only improves the data query efficiency, but also improves the overall performance of the system.3) Combine with requirements analysis of the patent retrieval analysis system, we design its whole architecture. On the basis of best understanding of memory database Redis, we design its access process, logical structure and architecture.4) Finally, we realize the patent retrieval analysis system. We store the retrieved patent of data in the memory database Redis and conduct query and analysis on them through the multi-thread ordered index algorithm. Through the experimental test of each module, the system indeed improves the real-time performance and accuracy of data processing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Main Memory Database, Redis, Multiple Thread Ordered Index, Patent Retrieval Analysis System
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