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Research On Application Of Redis In Telecom Support System

Posted on:2016-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330461477071Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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4G licenses formally issued in China in December 4.2013, marking China’s entry into the 4G era.Integrated network activation system is part of the telecommunications industry business support system, the main function is the business data is automatically converted to the NE and other physical device data, and processing data on the device. Currently, the database system of INAS using Oracle. Lager data volume, real-time demand of 4G telecom system business for higher speed.Under the existing situation, INAS become slow in deal with 4G services, unable to meet the real-time demands of 4G services.Main memory database strored and manipulate data in memory, the speed of data process very high,the field,which requirement real-time,large volumes of data, has been applied.Redis is an open source main memory database,which base on key-value model.If applied of Redis in INAS, the excellent performance of Redis meet with the demand of data process speed, and improve the INAS system performance.The main work in this paper is applied of Redis in INAS, included the following: 1)Research on Redis and constriants INAS system performance,concluded Redis combined with INAS; 2)Research on the conversion between relationale model and key-value model, made some of definitions to support the conversion; 3)Redis don’t support SQL and the concept of table.In the absence of substantial modification of the original system, packaged the interface of Redis to support SQL,conveninece of database operations,and achieve "multi-table" operation in Redis; 4)According to the needs of practical, the function Redis provided is cropped, and find the environment for the actual operation.This paper applied of Redis in INAS, improved the single process.The speed of data process from 1,500sheets/min to 96,000sheets/min.
Keywords/Search Tags:Main Memory Database, Redis, Telecommunication
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