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The Research Of Video-Audio Technology And Its Application In Intelligent Community

Posted on:2014-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330425975593Subject:Control Engineering
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Along with the rapid development of information technology, a single voice media technology cannot meet people’s demand for communication. According to statistics, more than99percent of human information obtained through the auditory and visual access, so it is highly desirable that the communication contains video and audio stream, and if necessary, achieving the mutual data transmission to realize the field-level resource sharing. Driven by this demand, Video-audio technology is rapidly developing, and applied to various fields, such as office work, business, education, family life and science research. The synchronization technology of video and audio is one important step to ensure the quality of video-audio service, and it is also one research direction of multimedia communication in the future. Because of video-audio technology has been applied to various fields, huge amounts of video data and audio data is produced every day. How to store the data rapidly, efficiently and safely has become a hot topic and one of the major challenges.The synchronization technology of video and audio has been widely used in a variety of platforms. The realization of the video-audio synchronization is limited, due to the reason that different platforms provide the synchronization technology in different ways, and also because the confidentiality encapsulation of the code. Firstly, in order to solve the deficiency, this paper puts forward a kind of video-audio synchronization strategy, which divides the design of the synchronization application into three parts:the synchronization of sender, the synchronization of transfer and the synchronization of receiver and author commonly used underlying driver hardware,which shield operation details of hardware. The strategy greatly simplifies the cross-platform application of video-audio synchronization, and facilitates the implementation of video-audio synchronization. In addition, the paper puts forward one kind of distributed storage algorithm for some typical video-audio applications, which the characteristics are as follows:the volume of a single file is small while the amount of files is large; data access is very frequent; storage space is huge and dispersed. In order to select the optimal storage nodes quickly, make full use of system storage space and access file quickly, the algorithm organizes information of nodes by binary heap and combines with network status and CPU utilization.The strategy of video-audio synchronization and the algorithm are tested in the paper. The paper analyses in detail the test data, the test result and the performance of the application system. The result of analysis shows that the two algorithms proposed in the paper can improve the performance of system and increase the efficiency of operation. Finally, the paper summarizes the full text and put forward some prospects for further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:video-audio technology, synchronization of video and audio, cross-platform, distributed storage algorithm, small amount of a single file data
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