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Establishment And Optimization Of The Nuclear Power Plants Off-site Nuclear Emergency Response System

Posted on:2014-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330392472860Subject:Nuclear power and nuclear technology engineering
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Far-reaching impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident, it sounded the alarm of theworld’s nuclear emergency work, also presented new challenges to the nuclear emergencywork. Sufficiently ideas and technical preparation, to make the most appropriate emergencyresponse at the best time is the most important task of nuclear emergency. NuclearEmergency Preparedness and Response is an important guarantee for the development ofnuclear energy and nuclear technology utilizes sustainable development. They are based onreducing the risk of nuclear accidents and to eliminate the effects of the accident from the lastbulwark of defense in depth for nuclear safety. We must actively implement the "always be onthe alert, and actively compatible" approach, so be prepared.Security is a lifeline for the development of nuclear power, and financial security is thelifeline of nuclear emergency preparedness and response. In the entire nuclear emergencyresponse system relative to the nuclear emergency preparedness funds, the financial securityprovisions is relatively small, and therefore improve the protection and optimization ofnuclear accident emergency response funds, will be China’s nuclear emergency problems tobe solved.In view of the current nuclear emergency financial security system is not perfect,combined with the basic provisions of emergency financial situation and the nuclear accidentemergency response, study and discuss and research a large number of documents. Elaboratednuclear emergency financial security and optimization solutions through multi-level contrastand deep analysis from the following aspects:(1) Based on our existing nuclear accident emergency preparedness funding concept, andput forward the concept of a nuclear emergency funds and nuclear emergency response funds.The nuclear emergency funds are funds to secure nuclear emergency and the nuclear responsefunds are funds to secure nuclear emergency response work.(2) Carried out a detailed study on China’s contingency funding, and proposed some optimization suggestions on problems in the emergency financial.(3) Nuclear accident emergency preparedness and response research and our emergencyfinancial characteristics, in accordance with China’s the nuclear emergency relevant laws andregulations, standards and guidelines, follow the emergency financial management andnuclear emergency preparedness funds with the relevant provisions of China’s nuclearemergency financial deeper level of analysis and research, and the establishment of a nuclearaccident emergency special funds and grading and fund management mode. Provide a solidtheoretical foundation to China’s nuclear emergency funds for further improve and optimizethe system...
Keywords/Search Tags:Nuclear emergency, Nuclear emergency funds, Emergency finance, Fund-stylemanagement
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