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The Transmission Control Of DWDM High-Speed And Multi-Channel DPSK Dispersion Management Soliton System

Posted on:2014-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F F FeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395984161Subject:Optical Engineering
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A combination of differential phase shift keying (DPSK) modulation format with dispersionmanaged soliton (DMS) transmission technique can depress nonlinear damage, reduce the impact ofsoliton interaction and ASE noise, particularly suitable for DWDM high-speed and long-distancenonlinear optical communication, and has broad application prospects. However, the high-orderdispersion and high-order nonlinear optical effects can not be ignored when ultrashort soliton pulsetransmission in the DWDM system which use speriodic lumped amplification, additional, theaccumulation of ASE noise generated by the EDFA cascaded and soliton interaction intensifies willlead to a further deterioration of the transmission performance of the system. So, themulti-perturbations must be controlled to guarantee the steady propagation of DPSK dispersionmanagement soliton.First of all, this paper reviews the development of high-speed optical fiber communication andkey technology, introduces the topic research background, and comments on current research statusat home and abroad.Secondly, starting from the nonlinear propagation equation of soliton, the author introduces theconcepts and features of dispersion managed soliton, discusses the technology of DPSK dispersionmanaged soliton fully, and focuses on the transmission model of DPSK dispersion managed soliton.Thirdly, the general formulas for parameters of DPSK DMS are deduced through thedisturbance nonlinear Schrodinger equation, in the presence of multi-perturbations including fiberloss, high-order effects, amplifier spontaneous emission (ASE) noise, soliton interaction, thetransmission characteristics of DPSK dispersion management soliton system are researched byvaritional method. The evolution equations of DPSK DMS in DWDM system performanceparameters versus distance are deduced under the scheme of control of frequency-guiding filtering.Finally, the structure and parameters of long-haul DPSK dispersion management solitonsystem at the rat of40Gb/s are designed, then the performances of this system are numericallysimulated, the simulation results are in well accordance with the theoretical analysis. And furthersimulated use Optisystem software, it is discovered that analytical results of the variational methodis right and the stable transmission of the system can be realized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Differential Phase Shift Keying, Dispersion Managed Soliton, Varitional Method, DenseWavelength Division Multiplexing, Soliton Interaction, Transmission Control
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