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Research On The Transmission Performance Of DWDM High Rate (160Gb/s) And Multi-channel Dispersion Managed Soliton Transmission System

Posted on:2012-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338463512Subject:Optical Engineering
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In order to realize the high rate and long-haul optical communication,dispersion managed soliton(DMS)system has aroused people's great interests.The dispersion managed soliton is a periodical scheme for dispersion compensation,it makes dispersion alternated between the normal and anomalous regimes,which results in periodical broadening and compressing as the dispersion is reversed.With the application of DWDM and OTDM and increase in the number of multiplexed channels and bit-rate,higher-order nonlinearity has to be considered in optical communication now.In the 160Gb/s DMS system,higher-order effects must be considered.The effects are third order dispersion,self-steepening,intrapulse stimulated Raman scattering and Soliton Interaction.The concept,the transmission theories, the research methods and the control schemes of optical soliton communication are summarized and reviewed firstly,and then,the concept and the prospects of DWDM are commented in the paper.Then,the paper introduces the advantages,the research methods,mathematical model of DMS,transmission performance and its application in the communication field.The DMS system of multi-perturbations is analyzed by variational approach and the general formulas for parameters of chirping Gaussian quasi-soliton are deduced and the higher-order Nonlinearity influence on DMS transmission is studied.The scheme of combined control of time domain modulation and frequency-guiding filtering in DMS system is discussed.In the presence of higher-order effects and soliton interaction the propagation equation of DMS pulse is established and analyzed with combined control of time domain modulation and frequency-guiding filtering.The paper investigates the feasibility and the validity of controlling influences of higher-order effects and soliton interaction in the high-rate OTDM and DWDM DMS system.Considering the conditions of the soliton interaction and higher-order effects the stable transmission is realized by using the control method.The performances of DWDM DMS transmission systems at the rate of 160Gb/s are numerically simulated,the simulation results are in well accordance with the theoretical analysis.The results of this paper have valuable reference in designing the DWDM DMS system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dispersion Managed Soliton, Soliton Interaction, Higher-order Nonlinearity, Transmission Control, Stable Transmission, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
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