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Design And Implementation Of On-line OA System Based On SaaS Model

Posted on:2012-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L E GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395955492Subject:Computer application technology
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The appearance and development of SaaS model offer the on-line OA maximalroom to develop. Because the software is offered by the net, the online OA systembasing on SaaS model, in which customers do not have to buy the software or maintainthe software, but can work anytime and anywhere by registering on internet, not onlysaves the cost of work in office, but gets the convenience from the advanced techniqueas well.This dissertation is mainly to design and realize the on-line OA system basing onSaaS model. This paper adopts B/S (browser/server) architecture, enabling the networkoffice is not subject to regional restriction; Adopt standard J2EE specification, MySQLas database。Firstly, the dissertation, by comparing the traditional OA system with the OAsystem basing on SaaS model, sets forth the necessity and significance of the researchand development of on-line OA system basing on SaaS model. Then, the definition,features and current development tendency are stated generally, and the four maturitymodes of SaaS are analyzed. This dissertation also analyzes the skills of the on-line OAsystem basing on SaaS model.This dissertation analyzes the necessity of the system from the aspects of theenterprise tenant and platform, on the basis of which the on-line working platformconstruct basing on SaaS model is designed. According to the function necessity, thesystem is divided into different modules, and the functions and roles of each module aredescribed in the system. Also, the dissertation researches the data storing scheme andthe multi-tenants data modes scheme, and analyzes the multi-users data modes and thedata buffering and the scheme of data mode expanding of SaaS. In addition, thefunctional module of Single-Sign On is analyzed in detail, and then the subsystemof DocumentFlow is designed.and implemented.Finally, the dissertation makes a conclusion of the research, analyzes thesuperiorities, difficulties and deficiencies, and orients the future system improving.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, OA, multi-tenant, configuration, DocumentFlow
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