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The Research On The Report Model For The Multi-tenant SaaS Software

Posted on:2013-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330362962970Subject:Computer software and theory
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The report plays an important role in the information system, which is an importantway to display the data in the information system.Now the SaaS software service model isthe direction of the future of the software development. The SaaS model is a kind of thesoftware business model with the single-instance, multi-tenant nature, which makes thetenant data separated by each logical or physical. Due to the limitations to only servicewith single-user system, the traditional design of the report can not meet the reportingrequirements of SaaS software. According to the requirements of the SaaS software, thereport structure rapidly integrated with SaaS software is proposed. The requirements of thereport of the SaaS software aimed at different users are met by configurating andexpansing the report structure. Meanwhile, the web service technology is used as a supportto achieve this function in order to meet the requirements of other users of the system togenerate the report using the information system data.Firstly, the concept, characteristics and maturity models of the SaaS software areanalyzed, which find the different points compared with the traditional software, sum upthe SaaS software's innovation in the operation and its benefits to the user.Also thecharacteristics of the current reporting system is analyzed, the development and itsshortcomings of the current reporting system is discussed, which proposed the corefunctionality of the reporting system.Secondly, to slove the problem that the traditional reporting structure and design cannot meet the multi-tanant's requirements to generate reports with SaaS software, thedevelopment platform of the report makes the operation to data transparency with themapping ideas of the informaion sources to the data source for the average user. The reporttemplates are simply created by the template production funcion provided the reportingtemplate production platform. The use of web services technology is to achieve thereporting generation services, which uses the report template as the input of the reportinggeneraion services, and returns the final report file.This ensure the cross-platform of thereporting services. Again, the ideas of prxies and separation are application for the multi-tanant'scharacteristics of the reporting architecture in the SaaS model, which slove the problemarised that the reorting structure service to multiple tenants at the same time in the codelevel. Using this method, the report developers can develop transparently the reportingsystem oriented to the SaaS software in order to reduce to the error, and ensure theaccuracy of the reporting system.Finally, give away the techincal support to complement the reporting structure,achieve its implementaion and the technology required the each part in the reportingstruture, and give away the the major effects of the implementation of each part.Meanwhile, the reporting system is to be confiured and deployed in a SaaS teacherinformation system. The proposed solutions of the report are correct and available bytesting and using.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS pattern, Multi-tenant, Report architecture, Information system, Webservice
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