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1. Work Function Tuning Of Magnetic Field, Electric Field, Stress And Interfacial Microstructure For Metal Gate And Metal/High K Gate
2. Movement Mechanism And Experimental Study Of Multi-legged Robot Based On Hybrid-Driven Mechanism
3. Research On Piezoelectric Six-axis Accelerometer Based On Redundant Parallel Mechanism
4. Nanocomposite Film Photodetector With Field-effect Transistor Configuration
5. Design, Synthesis And Performance Research Of Novel Semiconductors For Organic Field Effect Transistors
6. Research On The Key Technology Of Re-configurable Network Measurement
7. Research On Fast Algorithms For Wide-band Electromagnetic Characteristics
8. The Selection And Configuration Optimization Strategy Of Enterpriseā€™s Information Systems Security Technology
9. Research On The Design Methodology Of Application Specific Coarse Grained Reconfigurable System On Chip
10. Study On Manganin Thin Film Ultra-high Pressure Sensors
11. Research On The Key Technologies Of Enterprise-Oriented Product Structure And Configuration Management
12. Study Of Several Critical Issues In Image Synthesis Based On Pixel Transferring
13. Studies On The Techniques Of Nonlinear Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches High Power Ultrashort Pulse Generators
14. Study On Survivability And Self-Healing Technologies For Broadband Transport Networks
15. Research And Implementation Of Product Configuration For Port-and-Connector Model
16. Research Of Web Services Based Product Configuration Technology Under Internet Based Manufacturing
17. Web-Based Mass Customization Product Collaborative Design And Application Research
18. A Novel Adaptive Antenna And Its Application To Mobile Communications
19. Geometric Analysis Theory And Control Methods For Parallel Robots
20. Research On Management Strategies Of Heterogeneous Storage System In ISCSI-SAN
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