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Design And Implementation Of A Benchmark For Custom-oriented Multi-tenant SaaS Application

Posted on:2015-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X N HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330431453516Subject:Software engineering
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For SMEs, SaaS (Software as a Service) supports Internet-based multi-tenant behaviors and now is widely used for the release of the software services. In order to meet the tenant’s requirements and to minimize the cost of the service providers, it is an important point to optimize the deployment of SaaS applications in the process of developing them. From the customer’s perspective, SaaS applications must meet the requirements of service performance and other indicators, such as the adequacy of hardware resource allocation, in order to satisfy all the users. While standing on the service provider’s perspective, they need to try their best to address over-allocation or low resource utilization issues. This involves weighing factors of scalability of the system, unallocated resource utilization and costs of upgrading. Therefore, optimizing the deployment of multi-tenant applications becomes the key to improve services performance and to increase resource utilization.Benchmark is defined by the design of scientific testing methods, test tools and test systems, to achieve a quantitative and comparable test for one performance of a type of test object thus providing support for the operation and optimization of the deployment of application systems. Supplier Relationship Management System is a multi-tenant SaaS applications like e-commerce, which is mainly used to improve business relationships in the supply chain downstream. It integrates manufacturers and suppliers so that they can establish closer and enduring partnership and ultimately achieve a win-win goal.Currently, for many Benchmarks which can be used to evaluate the performance of e-commerce applications, they are designed for different purposes. Such as TPC-W is designed for business-based Web Benchmark, RUBiS is for auction-based Benchmark that mimic and RUBBoS for bulletin-based Benchmark. These benchmarks are widely used for evaluation and comparison of the performance of computer systems in a certain field. While, traditional Benchmark is not applied for all applications which have different characteristics. Therefore, we need to develop a Benchmarks suite for multi-tenant SaaS applications for specialized testing and evaluation of such applications.Benchmark suite for Multi-tenant SaaS applications is based on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) application software. It can evaluate the performance of the servers and application by simulating the service request to the SRM application and it can reflect the complexity of SaaS applications well.We develop a benchmark system for type SaaS applications based on the demand analysis of the self-development SRM applications and we selected TPC-W Benchmark as our Benchmark reference. Accordance with the requirements of object-oriented software engineering, we conducted a preliminary requirements analysis and system architecture design. The whole system is divided into several function modules and each module is designed in detail. Finally, in order to verify the reliability and availability of the benchmark system, we designed several sets of experiments. Through extensive testing, we found a lot of useful conclusions, which illustrates that our benchmark system can be used to provide support for optimizing the deployment of SRM application.
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