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A Research And Application Of Main Memory Database In Urban Garbage Supervision System

Posted on:2016-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330452466426Subject:Software engineering
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In this paper, we offer the comprehensive design of the " urban garbage supervision system "(hereinafter referred to as UGSS system), which is based on information technology, coveringseveral aspects, such as production, transportation, storage and so on to provide an accurate andreal time living garbage monitoring service for the urban residents.In UGSS, device layer transmits garbage data to central server through mobile network,while supervision subsystem acquires real-time data of urban garbage through frequent refreshmechanism from the database. These operations require a large number of database accessoperations and cause great pressure to the traditional disk database. Main memory database is verysuitable for high concurrent data system such as UGSS as it deposits data in main memory. Thus,when the memory database technology is introduced into the system, using a combination ofmemory database and disk database structure, we can improve the efficiency of data access service,provide stable and high performance data access services for the system.The main research contents and innovations in this paper are summarized as the followings:1) Design and implement supervision subsystem based on B/S architecture and analysis ofthe requirement. Users can know the updated situation of urban garbage’s disposal and generationprocess by a real-time remote supervisor via the Internet and send commands to data acquisitiondevice to change the working mode of device. This system provides efficient technical supportsfor the simple, flexible and timely realization of many kinds of urban garbage supervision.2) Design and implement a data management sub system in UGSS to separate the dataaccess service from the system, by using remote call to get implementation of data service. In thedata management sub system, main memory database technology is applied to adapt toperformance requirements of system. A storage model of main memory database is presented toensure the reliability of data storage.3) Markov process is applied to run-time data exchanging strategy in accordance with itsown characteristics of UGSS by using the scheme of combining of main memory database anddisk resident database. The main memory requirement of UGSS is reduced by using this run-timedata exchanging strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:main memory database, data exchange, web system, markov process
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