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Research Of Enterprise Application Integration Based On SOA

Posted on:2012-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330368458663Subject:Computer application technology
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SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is an architecture of software system, which has the feature of loose coupling, location transparency and protocol irrelevance, and is widely used in the integration for heterogeneous systems. By applying SOA in the enterprise application integration, making it impossible for enterprises to share information and achieve business process cooperation. Based on SOA, business functions in the enterprise application system can be encapsulated into service, which has the feature of cross-platform, independence and reusability. By using BPEL, services can be combined to realize the specific business function. So that, by applying SOA in enterprise application integration, the deficiency of traditional EAI such as poor extension and tight coupling can be made up.Taking the advantages of using SOA in EAI as the entry point for researching, this paper outlines the EAI and SOA-related theory, discusses the relationship between SOA and EAI, and analyses the technic advantage of Web Service,SCA,SDO,ESB and BPEL, and then by following the SOA design methodology, a SOA-based architecture is proposed for the enterprise application integration. Finally, by taking the travel reservation e-commerce integration platform as an example, this paper realizes the business integration for the hotel reservation system and airline tickets reservation system, which is based on the integrated development environment of Oracle SOA Suite 11g, and the feasibility of application integration architecture has been verified.The SOA-based EAI architecture that proposed by this paper is strictly follow the SOA design methodology, and XML is used as the unified data processing format. In the service encapsulating, business functions are encapsulated into SCA component service and provided a unified access manner. Moreover, in the business process modeling, service can be combined through BPEL to build business processes. The business processes are constructed in the form of service, and can be referenced by SCA components. Thus, with the features such as loose coupling, standard-based and high flexibility, this SOA-based EAI architecture can effectively solve the problem that existed in traditional EAI model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Service Component Architecture, Web Service
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