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Research And Application Of Enterprise Application Integration Based On Service Oriented

Posted on:2010-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275977539Subject:Computer application technology
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Information technology is a foundation of modern enterprise and its development, A large number of IT supporting systems is set up during informational of enterprise's process,which is formed the "information island" one by one due to historical reasons,then enterprise application integration(EAI) technology comes out.Traditional EAI technology resolved the intergration problems of enterprise application system in a certain extent,but under the modern environment which have high degree of openness and Internet-based,a flexible,open and service-oriented integration method is needed,which can realized by service-oriented architecture(SOA).This dissertation starts from two norms——Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Java Business Integration(JBI),on the basis of summarizing traditional application integration technology and application integration of Web Services-based,the integration of Service-oriented architecture integration(SOI) is expounded.The dissertation points out problems of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) during the integration through analysis and comparison of different application integration technology.At the same time,based on the illustration and analysis of SCA and JBI,the relationship between them are pointed out,the similarities and differences are also put forward,then illustrates the four possible integration methods existed and its possibility of realizing.At last,the combination of programs between SCA and JBI are proposed,by which the realization is completed.At the end of dissertation,architecture of application integration is designed and applied it in the project which arrive a good result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Application Integration, Service Component Architecture, Java Business Integration, Enterprise Service Bus, Service components
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