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JBOSS-jBPM-based Workflow Technology Improvements And Applications

Posted on:2011-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360305972749Subject:Computer application technology
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Workflow technology is the core technology of process modeling and process management, which solves the previous bottleneck that the whole system must be designed again once the business process has changed. We can quickly change entire process after the modification of business process by using of workflow technology, and greatly reducing the amount of business system code which must be changed. Therefore, with the development of domestic electronic information construction and popularization of e-government, workflow technology has been more widely applied to the business management system in which the business process must be updated regularly. The rise of workflow technology is not long, however the research and application of the workflow technology has great significance, because there is large space for exploration and research in this field.In this paper we select JBOSS-jBPM for study which is an open-source workflow engine and has been most widely used. We analyse the characteristic of workflow engine jBPM, the structure of workflow system and jBPM engine core, and we research the core mechanism of the two versions:jBPM3.2 and jBPM4.1 which are most widely used. After study, we find that JBOSS-jBPM is not a complete workflow management system, for example the process designer and process monitor are not prefect, it can not be directly applied when faced with a variety of domestic flexible temporary dynamic needs(such as random rollback problems).To make jBPM be better used in practical projects, this paper expands and improves the jBPM at the following three aspects.Firstly, according to the modeling mechanism of jBPM, we build a process designer based on WEB, this designer can not only run independently without the development environment but can help users to complete the design, deployment and modification of functions.Secondly, we study and improve the process monitoring mechanism of jBPM3, build a process monitor based on WEB, monitor the situation of process instance in the list way, at the same time monitor the step of process graphically for the specific process instance.Thirdly, we analyse various temporary dynamic requirements faced in domestic workflow applications. For example, we describe the difficulty of random rollback problem, propose an idea of establishing dynamic routing to address the random rollback problem, verify the feasibility of dynamic routing idea with jUnit test method by a simple Reimbursement process.
Keywords/Search Tags:jBPM, process designer, process monitor, dynamic routing
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