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A Research On Social Media Promotion For S64 Co-working Space

Posted on:2021-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Sitha SapkasemFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330626959792Subject:Business Administration
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From the radical growth of internet in a decade ago,and the investment for supporting information technology infrastructure of the government party,people can reach the internet much easier than in the past.Regarding the co-working industry,it presents the trend of growth in global and domestic terms,and it has many potentials to grow in urban areas like Bangkok.This thesis studied S64 co-working space where a rental space company with intend to develop the effective marketing communication online channel which is especially on current social media platforms.In this thesis,it firstly introduces the research background,research objective,significance of research.The data was collected by taking deep interviews with daily staff,the expert in professional field and also the primary data from the research company.In the case description,there are detailed confirmation,introduction of the specific social media advertising promotion challenges and the existence of S64 collaborative workspace problems.The author analyzes the root of the problem through integrated marketing communication theory,social network theory,and social media marketing strategy,etc.,and uses professional management models such as fishbone diagram,five force analysis model and PESTEL analysis model to discuss its management issues.On this basis,the author provides enterprises with solutions to solve the problem.Therefore,companies can improve the social community and online advertising methods to increase the space for audience to exchange information and opportunities by use of social media to promote business development to demonstrate the value of its products.
Keywords/Search Tags:Co-working space, Social Media, Marketing communications, Social network
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