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Application Of LXI In The Pipeline Leakage Detection

Posted on:2009-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272485828Subject:Precision instruments and machinery
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LXI (LAN extension for instrument) is the newly automatic test bus. It takes Ethernet as the bus, which effectively improves its capability. LXI is the next generation of automatic test bus.LXI has lots of superiorities; however, it also brings some new problems. Because of the separation of the instruments and the uncertainty of the Ethernet delay, synchronization of the instruments'clocks must be insured. LXI consider the clocks'synchronization as the most important technique, and provides three ways to resolve this problem: the network message triggering, IEEE1588 clock synchronization triggering and the hardware bus triggering.LXI standard is comprehensively introduced in the paper. IEEE1588, which is one of the most important techniques of LXI, can calculate the delay of Ethernet and proofread the clock of the system, so as to make all the module work synchronous. It has the superiorities of high precision, high speed, low cost. After comprehensive studying the theory of IEEE1588, the virtual device time-adjusting program, which is based on the LabVIEW, is provided in the paper. It proves that the program can effectively adjust the clocks of computers on the internet by making lots of experiments.The Pipeline Leakage Detection System is one of the projects which are used to protect the security of pipeline. It can detect the leakage of pipeline and automatic ascertain the leakage position. In order to ensure the accuracy of location, the clock synchronization must be improved. The virtual device time-adjusting program is successfully applied in the Pipeline Leakage Detection System. By making lots of experiment, the function of the program for improving the test accuracy and repeatability, as while as reducing the effect of the Ethernet delay to the test result, is given in the paper.The research in the paper provides one way to apply LXI in the pipeline leakage detection. The foreground will be more and more wide with the maturity of LXI.
Keywords/Search Tags:LXI, IEEE1588, Clock Synchronization, Virtual Device Time-adjusting Program, Pipeline Leakage Detection
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