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Improving The Light-Extraction Efficiency Of The GaN-Based Light Emitting Diodes By Textured And Sidewell

Posted on:2008-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360218957515Subject:Physical Electronics
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In this dissertation, it was improved that the light-extraction efficiency of the GaN-based light emitting diodes by experimentation and theory research to textured sidewall and leaned side-wall. Certainly the above efficiency was calculated.After it was talked that the history, the actuality and the future of white illumination, I think, light emitting diodes would take the place of all other white illumination methods in the end. In the following, it was looked back that the history of the light emitting diodes and the semiconductor material. Also, it was prospected that the developing direction of the light emitting diodes.In addition it was discussed that the light emitting diodes theory of the light emitting diodes. The way of technics how to make LED was touched. In succession, It was mainly introduced that the means of improving the light-extraction efficiency, such as moth-eye, surface-textured, surface plasmon, changing shape, laser lift-off and photonic crystal.The theory was given why the experiment scheme could improve the light-extraction efficiency. It was simulated that the spreading optical beam in GaN-basecl LED and calculated the light-extraction efficiency of GaN-based LED using Monte Carlo method and raytrace method by the computer assistant-optics-design software. The calculated result ensured the implementation of experiment.The form was transferred from the mucus to the GaN-based LED by the ICP(inductively coupled plasma) etching. At first, it was gained that the different angle from level to side-wall by changing the mucus temperature using later baking. Then the different angle was transferred from the mucus to the GaN by ICP etching. Using photoelectrochemical etching, the side-wall was roughed.
Keywords/Search Tags:light emitting diodes(LED), Monte Carlo method, photoelectrochemical etching, GaN-based LED, textured sidewall, inductively coupled plasma(ICP)etching, raytrace method
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