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1. Study On Novel Fiber Grating Refractive Index Sensors Based On Optical Heating
2. Analysis And Design For Hexapod Robots With Parallel Mechanical Legs
3. The Research On Clustering Algorithm Based On Marine Environments
4. Research On Key Techniques Of High Performance Spatial Query Processing For Large Scale Spatial Data
5. The Evanescence Character Of Optical Microfiber And Research On Micropollutant Detection
6. Research Of Cell Detecting, Counting And 3-D Reconstruction From Microscopic Images Based On Convergence Index
7. Reserch On Atmospheric Influence And Mitigation Technology In Near Sea Level Laser Communicaton
8. Characteristics Of Partially Coherent Beam Propagation In Slant Atmosphric Turbulence
9. Fast Object Detection And Recognition Based On Several Samples
10. Fast Similar Image Search In Large Scale Image Database
11. Research On Grating Devices For Silicon-Based Photonic Integration
12. Study On Media‚Äôs Social Responsibility And Evaluation System In Our Country
13. Research Of Quality Assessment Of ECGs Collected Via Mobile Device
14. The Research On Energy Consumption Models And Charging Strategies For Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks
15. Investigation On Electro-Optic Organic/Polymer Optical Waveguide Modulator Visual Cortex
16. Research Of Hybrid Row-column Storage Model Based On Hadoop
17. Key Techniques Of Multi-Tenant Database Design
18. Thermal Nonlinear Effect And Mode Coupling In Fiber-coupled Whispering Gallery Mode Optical Resonators
19. Study On Temporal Spatial Data Management And Analysis Key Techniques For Land Use Change
20. The Research On Spectropolarimetric Imaging System And Imaging Quality Based On AOTF
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